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What’s In The Box?

 Motorsport Box

Sacred Coffee

WELLINGTON – Named WELLINGTON in honour of the final MOBIL Wellington Street Race held 25 years ago in Wellington, New Zealand in which SACRED founder Tubbs was a participant at the age of 24. Inspired by the famous Red & Black RS500 Sierras which Tubbs witnessed racing live, the Red and Black packaging is homage to those fantastic race cars

GOURMETThe GOURMET blend is made with some of the finest beans from South America and Africa, each of these regions delivering unique qualities and complimenting each other. Brazil presents nice palate acidity and smooth chocolate and caramel undertones while Ethiopia brings brightness and compliments with lemon acidity.

Pitstop Magazine

This issue includes:

– The history of BRM

– Zak Brown’s racing collection

– Amy Shore’s motorsport photography

– Alex Brundle’s historic racing – Plus much more!

The Photograph

A fantastic image capturing some classic motorsport history on the track, with the Rothmans Porsche 962

Photography by PHD Photo.

Racing Chocs

At the Chocolate Engineering Ltd workshop, 20 minutes away from Silverstone race circuit, a small team produce motorsport themed confectionery and supply them to race teams, sponsors, drivers, race equipment manufacturers and fans.

Inside the box you’ll find one of their bars to enjoy!

Lotus Biscoff

No Coffee time would be complete without Lotus Biscoff – the name derived from combining biscuit & coffee, and of course a name that is shared with a well know drivers car!