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What is The Driven Network?

The Driven Network is a network of driven individuals consisting of event hosts, trip planners and all round automotive enthusiasts. Bringing these indivduals together allows us to create and execute all manner of events, road trips & experiences, coupled with extensive knowledge, contacts and social reach. We can also offer the experience within the network as part of our creative services. You’ll find all events offered by members of the network on our events page (link to follow)

Learn a little more about The Driven Network below.

Experience in numbers

The network is ever evolving adding more experience each time and covering new areas and offering new perspectives and ideas. This also allows a greater geographical coverage.

Collaborative approach

As the well known phrase states, sometimes the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts. It’s also nice to share the idea and the workload to create the best end result. Working as a collaborative team to create memorable events.

Combined resources

To stand out in a busy world is getting harder. Eye catching, unique events require new resources, which is where the network can be invaluable – from sourcing cars for events, to finding the ultimate roads to drive, and everything in between!

How to join

The network is free to join, and there are 2 ways to become part of The Driven Network:

1 – A nomination from an existing member of the network

2 – Via a private invite from us

We like to make sure those members who join us offer the same standard of event, planning and presentation to ensure consistent standards, and also to make sure there is no conflict of interest or area.