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A little more about Driven Life.

Nice to meet you.

I’m Mark, the owner of Driven Life. I just thought you might like to know a little more about how all of this happened. If you do, then I’ve put together a little timeline below. Enjoy.

2015. How it all started

Driven Life started as simply just a name that sounded like it could be fun to do something with. That was in 2015. It wasn’t until I started organising public events in 2019 that Driven Life became ‘something’. I wanted to offer public events without car snobbery, and where possible, without any cost.

Facebook familiarisation

As we all know social media is key to spreading the word, and even more handy for organising events! I was lucky enough to be offered the chance to take over a large but in-active Facebook group. I renamed this under the Driven Life brand and started bringing the group to life with my events.

Then the world changed a bit

After a successful coffee & cars event in Bath City Centre in 2019, several similar events were planned for 2020. But then the world paused. Events were not going to happen. During the initial lockdown I decided to complete a personal project that I had started 10 years prior – a coffee table book on the Fiat Coupe. This opened my eyes to what else I could achieve under the Driven Life name.

The Drivers Club

At roughly the same time as the Driven Life name came about, I had also started a Drivers Club. Back then it was called ‘Sports Car Spirit’ and was part of a business I then owned. When the business closed in 2018, I continued to run the club in my own time, and changed the name to ‘Network Wheels’. I successfully, but slowly, grew the club to create what it is today.

Formulating a future plan

During 2021 it became apparent that Driven Life could become a unique way to present lots of different content and events, so I started to put those ideas together. I put together a simple website, and started to try out my ideas. In 2022 a new era of events was born for Driven Life, as well as a new website incorporating Network Wheels. As we ended 2023 B2B services were introduced to the website, as a way of planning events for other businesses.

stay in touch

For General Email Enquiries please email drivenlifeuk@gmail.com

For Network Wheels Club Enquiries please email networkwheelsclub@gmail.com 

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